Disconnected Couple

Disconnected Couple

Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop in San Diego

Are You Living in A Happily Ever After Relationship?

Couples relationships change over time, especially after the “honeymoon phase”. Couples’ attention shifts to work, children, family and friends. Gone is the focused attention you once enjoyed and that told you that you were number one. You may even question whether your partner still loves you

Couples relationships are never easy or smooth. We all go through periods of closeness and distance in our love relationships. What matters is how we deal with the distance. Do we allow distance to become the pattern we fall into as a couple? Or do we recognize the distance and our longing to reconnect asking for what we want? Or do we get locked in unproductive communication patterns? Do we get caught in endless conflict that never resolves problems? Has desire and passion left the relationship? Are you left feeling alone, lonely, and unloved?

What will I learn in this Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop?

Clear communication, good problem solving and feeling close and cherished are common goals of couples who attend Hold Me Tight® Couples Retreats.  See what couples say about their two-day retreat experience and accomplishments in our Success Stories page.

Couple working on conversation

Couple working on conversation

The Hold Me Tight® workshop covers 7 couples' conversations. These conversations help you understand how you slip into unconscious patterns. You will learn how early relationships trip you up in your love relationship now. You will revisit a recent issue, look within and share your felt experience. Through this process, you discover your concerns, what you need and how to share this with your partner so that he/she really hears you.

There are often deep hurts in couples relationships. These need a specific kind of conversation to be healed.

Exploration of intimacy issues leads to a greater understanding of sexual intimacy. Couples leave the workshop knowing how to keep love alive.

Your relationship can transform as your and your partner learn to communicate and share your discoveries with each other through our guided exercises. So much change can happen in two days. Some couples fall freshly in love.

Hold Me Tight® Program: A Proven Method That Works

30 years of research has proven the effectiveness of Emotionally Focused Therapy. The Hold Me Tight® program comes out of Emotionally Focused Therapy. Three studies proved relationship satisfaction increased after completing a Hold Me Tight® workshop. The latest study also showed an increase in family functioning.

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Spend two days focusing on 7 important aspects of love to create connection. Learn through educational presentations, videos, discussions and exercises on each aspect of love. Experience micro-moments of transformation and fall freshly in love.
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Couples Are Delighted with New Hope for Their Relationships after Hold Me Tight® workshop

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February 15 and 16, 2019

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