How to Keep Your Love Alive - Sound Advice from the Marriage Masters

How to Keep Your Love Alive? Sound Advice from the Marriage Masters

Keeping your love alive when you’re married isn’t always easy. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for one year or twenty, it’s always important to focus on strengthening your relationship and keeping it healthy.

Thankfully, you don’t have to make guesses about how to keep that love alive. Instead, you can listen to sound advice from relationship experts.

“Marriage masters” earn that title through years of experience dealing with different couples in different situations. Some of the advice listed throughout this article is bound to relate to you and your spouse. Therefore, use it to your best advantage.

Keeping your love alive requires effort every day. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best advice from the experts so you can start feeling more connected than ever to your partner.

Communication is Key

You’ve probably heard about the importance of communication in any relationship. And, most marriage experts agree that it’s the foundation of a healthy relationship. So, while hearing about it over and over again might make it easy to brush aside, it’s important to note a few things about how you communicate in your relationship.

Dr. Sue Johnson, author of Hold Me Tight®, addresses couples’ communication difficulties through Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). EFT helps couples to have a better understanding how they become distant. It also helps partners to better understand each other’s needs. Couples also learn how to make repairs to hurts that last.

There is no shame in getting help or assistance when it comes to productive communication with your partner. No matter how long you’ve been with someone, everyone communicates differently. It’s not always easy to understand what your partner is trying to say.

That’s where methods like EFT can really make a difference. It can help strengthen your bond as a couple and create a clearer path for a healthy lifetime of love.

Reclaiming Your Time

According to William J. Doherty, Ph.D. (author of Take Back Your Marriage and The Intentional Family), one of the best things you can do is to reclaim your time as a couple, and a family if you have children.

If you do have children, it can sometimes feel even harder to keep your love alive and simply find time for each other. Doherty focuses on this by suggesting ways to encourage family time in a world that is over scheduled and completely disconnected.

We all have busy lives. If you have kids, it might feel like you never get a break. But, by setting aside specific time for your relationship, you’ll undoubtedly notice a big difference. You can go so far as to set up a “date night” once a week, but if that isn’t possible, create couple time alone at home.

For example, taking twenty minutes each evening to have a meaningful talk with your spouse about their day can make you feel closer. When parents prioritize couple time regularly, children learn to play in another room and to give mom and dad space to talk. Parents who are able to carve out this time for their relationship are modeling the importance of the couple relationship to heir children. What a gift!, Or, if that’s not possible, commit to sharing how you’re feeling over coffee each morning.

It’s okay to develop routines that work for your life and schedule. Just make sure to reclaim your time and focus on both your spouse and your family instead of everything you have to get done in a day.

Expert Advice to Use Everyday

Whether you feel like your relationship is trouble or you just need help reconnecting with your spouse and strengthening your bond, seeking some type of help from an expert can be extremely helpful.

That’s why the Hold Me Tight® Couples Retreats (based on Dr. Johnson’s book) are a great way to keep your love alive and feel more connected than ever.

If you’re interested in learning more about these retreats and how expert advice can help to strengthen your relationship, please feel free to contact me,