Learn to Keep Love Vital and Build a Strong Connection

Keeping your love vital and your connection magnetic is important for couples of any age. When I offer Hold Me Tight Couples retreats, I see people in their 30s up to their 80s. It’s important to keep that love connection strong no matter how long you’ve been together. But, how do you do it? Is it normal for a relationship to “go stale”?

Let’s look at a few key ways to keep your love alive and your connection strong, no matter your age. Put these tips into practice daily and strengthen your relationship. Feel closer than ever.

Give Your Relationship Time Each Day

Life gets busy and stressful. Schedules are more packed than ever. It’s easy to get caught up in the flow of life, working late and running the kids to sports, etc.

In strong, satisfying relationships, couples carve out time for each other. Marriage masters spend 15 to 30 minutes a day talking with their partners and sharing their day.

 It doesn’t have to be a big, elaborate date night. Ten minutes in the morning connecting over coffee before the business of the day sets in. Be present and engaged during this “us” time. Your presence and attention will communicate your partner's value to you. Investing in one another builds a strong connection.

Serve One Another

Relationships should always be about serving one another, not obligation. Serve each other because you love one another. Think about what your partner may need or want, and do it for them. Be sure to also ask your partner about their needs and wants. As good as our intentions are, we are sometimes off the mark.

You could do something as simple as bringing them a cup of coffee each morning. Or, you could serve them in more intimate ways, like sharing a bath and washing their hair. You’ will enjoy the connection you start to feel by doing more for your partner.

 Look Into Each Other’s Eyes

This might sound a bit silly at first. Look into one anothers eyes for 1 to 2 minutes each day and foster a deeper, magnetic connection with your partner. You don’t have to say anything, but be mindful in the moment and stay present. Try sending caring to your partner. Try to read your partner’s nonverbal cues, and appreciate them for who they are. Researcher Anthony Aron developed 36 question he says will make you fall in love. Try them here. There’s an old saying about the eyes being the window to the soul. When you stare into the eyes of someone you love, it’s easy to see why that saying has stood the test of time. The practice may feel uncomfortable at first. Keep practicing and it will be easier. It might be something you start to love doing when you need to reconnect as a couple.

The Power of Love

There are so many more ways to feel drawn to each other as a couple. Touch, romantic talk, shutting down electronics to communicate help you feel more connected .

If you feel as if you’re struggling as a couple or you’re ready to strengthen your connection, feel free to contact me! We can talk more about what to expect from one of my workshops. We’ll also talk about how you and your partner can benefit.

Again, it doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you’ve been together. It doesn’t matter if you’re dating, married, living together, or even if you’re currently separated. When you put in effort to keep your love vital, you learn about yourself, your partner and your relationship. Leaning in and sharing, adds freshness and increases connection.


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