Who should attend Hold Me Tight® Workshops?

These workshops are for couples in all stages of their relationship - married, not married, contemplating separation or divorce or separated. They are a valuable investment in your relationship when each partner commits to working on shared goals. There are situations when the workshop is not recommended. These include addiction, ongoing affairs, and domestic violence. Specific treatment and support outside the scope of the workshop is needed in these situations.

Is the retreat open to LGBT couples?

Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop is inclusive of all couples. Relationships share attachment needs and longings independent of sexual orientation. All couples develop unconscious, disruptive patterns. Every couple needs emotional connection and the ability to repair and heal hurts. Couples needs within relationships are universal.

How do I register?

Registration is easy. There is a red registration button located on each page. Click the button, complete the information and make your payment. You'll receive a confirmation email indicating you are registered.

What is the cost of the Hold Me Tight® Workshop?

The retreat cost is $795 per couple (2 people) which includes each person's workbook, the presentation, assistance in completing the exercises, lunches and snacks.

What will happen during the workshop?

Hold Me Tight® Workshops are multi-faceted. Together we will explore the science of love. I will share proven strategies to increase your relationship satisfaction. There will be power point slides, videos, discussion and couples' exercises. Your questions will be answered. Some participants choose to share their situation and "take-aways" from the exercises. Couples report this helps them understand their own situation. The workshop ends with a closing exercise. Resources are available to couples to further help them with their relationship.

What do we need to do to prepare for the workshop?

Each partner's willingness to work on the relationship is the best preparation. Coming with an open and receptive heart is a great start.

Couples who read the Hold Me Tight or Love Sense books grasp the concepts and exercises quickly. These couples tend to make more progress.

How should we dress for the 2 days?

You need to be comfortable to listen, learn and grow in knowledge about your relationship. I recommend you dress in comfortable clothes. Layers are a good idea as the room temperature can vary. Jeans without rips or holes are allowed in the country club setting.

How many couples will be in the workshop?

There is a least 5 and at the most 10 couples in each workshop.

Will we have to talk in front of the group?

You may share your thoughts, concerns and experiences with the group.  However, there is no need to share. The more engaged you are in learning the more you gain. Sharing is encouraged and is confidential. A safe environment allows for sharing and learning. 

Can I attend the workshop alone, if my partner will not attend?

Of course. It is best when both partners attend the workshop. There are times when this is not possible for a variety of reasons. Your solo experience will differ from the couple's experience in only two ways. First, without your partner present, you will be working on one side of the relationship. Second, you will not be able to engage in the typical couple dialogues that occur.

If I am single and not in a relationship, can I attend the workshop?

Yes. Attending a Hold Me Tight® workshop helps you know what makes love work and what causes love to fade. It's an opportunity for you to examine past relationships to learn what went wrong. You will learn how to maintain connection in future relationships. You will learn how to make lasting repairs when hurts occur in the future.

I am a vegetarian; will I be able to follow my diet during the 2 days?

Let me know your dietary requests at least 7 days ahead of the first day of the retreat. Email me by completing the contact page.

Will we have an opportunity to speak with Wanda before the group?

Yes. I like to "meet" you via phone before the workshop. I want to get to know you and your relationship to better assist you in the workshop. I will email or phone you to set and appointment time to talk for about 20 minutes. If you have questions, email me via the contact page or phone me at 858-381-0468. I am delighted to answer your questions.

Do we have to be in couple's therapy to participate in the workshop?

No. Couples in therapy do come to the workshop. These couples are often able to move through stuck places during the workshop. Referring therapists say couples make positive advances in Hold Me Tight® workshops.

The workshop is great beginning before starting therapy with an Emotionally Focused Therapist. Many attendees are not in therapy. Referrals are available after the workshop for couples who wish to start therapy.

What is your refund policy?

I understand unexpected things come up. The registration fee is non-refundable. Cancellations up to two weeks before the workshop are transferable to Wanda's workshops. The transfer period is 12 months from the date of the original workshop for which you registered. A $75 transfer fee will apply. The registration fee is non-transferable for cancellations less than two weeks before the workshop.

My questions are not answered here, what do I do?

I am happy to answer your questions to help you decide if the Hold Me Tight® workshop is right for you. Complete the contact page and I will happy reply to your specific question.

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