Kind Words from Therapists


“As an Emotionally Focused Therapist and Supervisor, I am grateful for the noticeable forward shifts that have occurred when my clients participate in Wanda’s Hold Me Tight Retreats. It’s amazing what can be done in two days!"
-Tami Chelew


“ Wanda's retreat was experiential and well planned! Changes that occurred in the couples. WOW!!! The shifts that occurred in the couples from the beginning of the weekend to the end were inspirational."
-Kristine Hendricks


“Wanda Garner is an incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate professional, who brings incredible knowledge of EFT and couples research alive in her workshops. I saw couples shift in a fundamental way thanks to her ability to create a safe and supportive environment where couples could explore, be challenged, and push forward ever more connected. I highly recommend attending her couples' retreat, a 10 out of 10!"
-Sharon Ellerman

“Couples are transforming their relationships by making important new shifts and some are falling freshly in love again through Wanda’s Hold Me Tight Retreats.”  Gordon Meredith

“Definitely worthwhile, a deep and powerful experience.”  R.J. Thomas

“Wanda is a real expert in EFT, so experienced and she loves what she does.  Therapist Attending With Partner

"Highly recommended."  Bev Tuel

“The workshops provided a way for us to both express things that had been shut down.” Therapist Attending With Partner

“We were able to process the ‘stuck’ areas.” Therapist Attending With Partner

Participants’ Success Stories

Couple Connecting and Comforting Each Other

Couple Connecting and Comforting Each Other

“We signed up for this workshop in a final act of desperation. Thank you for giving us tools to take home to further re-create our connection.”

“This workshop helped us get through roadblocks we had in marital therapy and it showed us a path forward.”

“Put your fears in your back pocket and just show up and be present for an amazing process into repairing your relationship.”

“This workshop gave us a path to reconnecting and a better way to manage during conflict.”

“It will change your relationship for the better.”

“Wanda’s genuineness and passion to help couples are transparent.”

“I love your style and approach - very clear. You kept us moving and interested.”

I suggest this workshop to anyone that’s married and considers themselves happy, sad or anything in between. I wish we had done something like this years ago.”

I feel closer – more connected – more deeply in love.”

“This is a safe place with a presenter who takes the time and energy to work with you where you are. Extremely helpful!”

“Wanda was wonderful, very nurturing and understanding. She’s clearly an expert in her profession. We are happy to have found her.” 

“The class size, personal attention from the presenter and knowledge made the whole investment worthwhile. I would recommend this retreat to anyone. It should be foundational to all premarital counseling.”

Safe/non-judgmental place to be vulnerable and explore all the aspects of your relationship and yourself."

“I’m so glad we attended Wanda’s workshop. Although there were tough moments, I feel better about our relationship. We have been to several couples therapists, and this weekend was much more effective and helpful than all of those hours we spent in couples therapy.”

“I saw my husband in a different light. I was able to see his pain that I didn’t really focus on before because I was so in mine. I desire whole heartedly to help relieve that discomfort.”

“The presentation and participant sharing gave me a clear picture of how to see the conflicts in my marriage as ‘opportunities to bond and not detach.”

“This is the first time I have felt so connected to my husband since the honeymoon stage.”

We cried together for the first time in over a year. This is huge!”

“We are bonded on a more emotional level. This is what I’ve always wanted! He actually got to his emotions and softer places. I feel so much closer.”

“My wife told me this morning, following this conference, she feels like she did before we got married! That is A LOT OF HOPE! Thanks for your huge investment in our lives.”

“Wanda provides a safe/non-judgmental place to be vulnerable and explore all aspects of your relationship and yourself. Excellent presenter and therapist.”

" We’ve been more physically affectionate and communicating which feels fantastic."

“We had some breakthroughs and important discoveries; and I’m eager and excited about our future.

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Processing Couple's Cycle Exercise

(Photo by RJ Thomas)